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Another terrible buyer, two month of despair

I am writing this here hoping that fiverr will finally agree to help me.

Somebody ordered my gig two months ago.All good, I delivered according to his basic 5$ order. He rejected my delivery and he told me “please revise” , he wanted me to put some extra text in the video. Well, I didnt do it because that was not his request from the first place, more than this for his second request I had an extra gig and he refused to buy my extra gig.<br /> <br /> I have to say, his English is terrible, he always uses Google translate, so you can image... I know my English is not the best, however, this ones is terrible.

Than he became rude with me, i nicely explained as simple as I could that he must order my gig extra, but it was like I was talking to the walls. I messaged customer support many times and asked to complete the order for me because I delivered exactly what he ordered in the first place, and his second request was not my concert considering that he was refusing to pay for my extra service.

Customer support said that he cannot help me and he cannot complete an order for me if the buyer rejected. And I should find a friendly way to fix this. For two months I tried in a friendly way to fix this. But there was no result.

Fiverr refused to complete for me again and again. But do you find this normal? considering that this buyer refused to pay for my service, he was rude and he treated me like s**t?

I lost my patience after two months and I told him that I will make a negative review about his business/name and i will post it on YouTube if he will not complete or pay for my extra service. Yes, this is not nice, but my patience was already too long. After I told him this, do you know what he said? He said : please revise, i do not understand English me use google translate.

Well great. It is not my fault he dont know how to read my gig description dude, he was rude, he was harassing he treated me like s**t. Yeah, it is just about 5$ and I am not gonna give up because it is my work and being treated like this is not normal. Lets say the buyer is an idiot, don`t you believe that he is so innocent just because he cannot speak English, when he was rude with me, his English was not that bad. What is amazing is the reaction of customer support, I mean they can READ my conversation with this person, and still, they refuse to help me and complete the order - by giving me the money of course. This is so pathetic.

A few days ago I got a negative review from another idiot, it was a STORM here, a massive storm, people died, so I delivered late because what else to do? Film the video in the rain? I told him about the situation and he left a negative review. I deleted many of my gigs because lately i have bad experiences, but the worse experience is the one regarding customer support who is more friendly with a rude and abusive buyer, than with a honest and fair seller.

You have to be careful with people like this.

If a buyer bugs you too much for $5 and the support gives up, then you should cancel that order.

It is not worth to get a negative review for $5 and support will most likely not remove it either.

Try to identify ‘smart’ people before ordering if they ask too much or are too picky about the requirements. If you get a slightest of the feeling of something wrong, trust your instincts and let it go.

It takes a long time to balance 1 negative review here.

So for smaller orders, consider giving them a refund and never work for them again.

Some people will appreciate your work and tip you. Which can balance your lost efforts.