Another Tip From Your Uncle Charles


Dear Sellers,

I learned this the hard way. DO not make a decision about a sale based on a temporary emotion. Say you are tired, or frustrated, and a sale opportunity comes in your message box. Maybe you want to ignore it or pass on it because of that one emotion. Then, you look back when things have calmed down, and you realize you should have taken that order. It is okay to tell the client you will get back to them soon after revieiwing their needs.


Uncle Charles


So true, and also works the other way. I was weirdly hyper from sleep deprivation and ended up taking a huge order that I couldn’t complete. That ended up being my first cancellation.

So yeah, definitely decide on orders when you’re in a good state of mind.


Thanks for the love Uncle Charles. Now we are only missing a forum aunt. Maybe Aunt Lorna or Aunt Fonthaunt? :hear_no_evil:
@offlinehelpers @fonthaunt We can’t have enough aunts. :star_struck:


Sorry, my aunthood is used up already on my RL nieces and nephews! How about you, Annai? Even your name Fits, Auntie A!


Great Aunt to 7, soon to be 8! :grinning:


I am afraid I am too young to be a person with authority fonthAUNT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Aw, I’m sure you can take on 8 virtual nieces & nephews.


Me too… Just too young, darn it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure I can! :grinning:


You all get a cookie for posting. Great work!


Just coz I shared it with someone else who became an uncle recently.


Oh wow, that sounds so weird that I think I’ll remove my posts. No cookies for me, please, I was never here.


Yes indeed. I had somethung like that too :confused:


I have only one uncle and that’s Uncle Fiverr :grimacing:


Really appreciate your tip. What you have said was absolutely correct. We must use our opportunities…


I know an “Uncle Sam”. He likes to wear red, white and blue clothing. He’s very American, and very patriotic. Does he count? :wink:


Does he have orange hair too? [Oh, that’s the weird Uncle Don…]


No. He has white hair, and likes to wear patriotic top hats. :wink: