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Another unsatisfied Logo customer

I swear I have ordered 4 or 5 logo designs over the past 2 years. Each of which we threw out and re-designed ourselves. Problem is that designs are pushed on you and may not be what you want. When asking for re-work attitude is usually the first response. Then I get 1 change and they submit the project complete. I have not had 1 successful logo designed by this site yet, but have spent a small fortune trying. Here is a sample of work “accepted” (By default because I was out of town for 3 days on business) And this wasn’t a basic gig. This was an upgraded gig. Money wasted.

Many logo designers are not true artists which is what is needed to get a unique original logo that actually is pleasing to the eye. Even paying $50 or $100 is very low for an artistic creative original work of art which is what a custom designed logo is. I would expect to pay at least $500 to an excellent commercial artist I know, and probably more, for a really good logo.

I believe most professional logo creators charge hundreds, if not thousands for a logo. So shouldn’t expect miracles for $5. Or $4 that the seller gets.

fiverr is a waste of money

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I think its better to use someone which specializes in a specific field. For example, If you want a Real estate business logo then you should find a gig with that field instead of someone with ’ I will do a unique and professional logo in 6 hours with all files in 5$’.

Second tip. Use someone who takes atleast a day and maximum of 3 days.
Third tip. Give them as much information as you can. Including inspirations or examples because no one sketches a logo and then trace it in that 5$ gig.

So Increase the rates or help them more.

I don’t think it’s a question about price. Creating brand names is as hard as coming up with logos, yet sometimes buyers love my work, even use it. Other times they thank me for the brainstorming and get inspired themselves into things they couldn’t have considered without my work.

Artists are always whining about being underpaid, but the truth is you’re paid what you’re worth. Think about the people playing music outside, waiting for the passerby to drop coins. If they’re good, maybe they’ll get discovered and play for a lot more than a few dollars here and there.

A logo buyer should understand he’s getting ideas for a very low price. These ideas if they’re good, can be given to other designers to improve. If they’re bad, then the buyer learns what he doesn’t like.

Do you realize how subjective a logo is? If you were to hire a graphic designer at a GD firm, chances are he would have to show you at least 50 logos for you to pick a few that you like, and from those the final logos would be created until something you like is done.

Here on Fiverr, your’e getting 1-5 ideas depending on the artist. They don’t like revisions because they don’t make money with them. Sometimes it’s easier to refund than to deal with a buyer that is never satisfied.

You also have to recognize the limitations of each artist. If you got your revision and it isn’t there yet, then accept the work, let the seller earn $4 and hire someone else while giving him that idea.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be out of town, why the heck are you ordering? That’s disrespectful to the seller, if we deliver on time, we expect a response within 24 hours, and if you demand a revision, we expect specific reasons, not “I don’t like it.”

Lastly, if you look at the seller’s portfolio sample and see a logo you lick, take a screenshot and share it so the seller knows what kind of logo he should create.

Good luck.

Price is not what nathankolet is talking about. He is telling about a bad seller who did this bad work. Why are you insulting all other designers by saying “logo design needs $500” there are many good sellers as well on fiverr that may provide with amazing logo for $5

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I have a long delivery time, it’s really not helpful, ha ha. LOTS of “can you do it fasters” Everyone here is looking for cheap and fast, I feel, sometimes.

Well because there are a lot of people with i will do it in 6 hours with unlimited --------------------.(long story though) so basically the buyers want you to built a spaceship so they can go to moon in 5$ but they have to understand it does not work like that. Everything has a price.