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Another User has STOLEN my gig video and is using it on his gig!


I am so pissed right now!

While looking through the search results today, I found that the user “Circletheme” who has a gig at has STOLEN my gig video and uploaded it as his own. I PERSONALLY created this video.

His was TOO lazy to create his own video. I submitted a support ticket but I am BEYOND mad RIGHT NOW!


Well, reporting it usually works. Fiverr will get it taken down given some time. Since this really isn’t a tip for sellers, you could edit and put it in the rant forum. Hope you get it fixed, though!


Thanks. I was so mad I didn’t choose the appropriate forum.


Okay, this is getting RIDICULOUS! I have NOW found ANOTHER user (Paula_solutions) who has stolen my gig video: Will the madness end?!


Hello ma’am,

Please calm down.

I could see that the sellers you mentioned don’t really have a good rating on their gig ( with your video ).

Using your video will not generate them sales just out of nowhere.

Since you found them reporting them should solve the issue.

Wish you all the very best with your Gigs.

Peace and love to you


Report them to Customer Service as soon as possible. They straight up stole your video. CS will get those gigs taken down and may even get the users kicked off the service. (No guarantees there, but it’s a possibility.)

Now that being said, I would probably remove the links you have put in your comments on this thread. It’s against the forum rules to call out another user on the forum in this manner. (I realize you are TOTALLY in the right on this but I just wanted to give you the head up. A sheriff may come and “fragglesrock” you. Basically you can’t name names.) The reason is because that user may not use the forum or not know about the thread and therefore can’t defend their actions. (Granted in this case there really isn’t any defense.)

Good Luck!


Thanks guys! I have already reported them to customer service.


Happens to me too. What you need to do is watermark the video the your name all over and re-upload so they can’t use it if they copy it.


Reply to @bijanstudio: The thing is that people will still use it, even if it has your name all over it. The last time I saw someone who just copied and pasted my gig description into theirs didn’t even both to take my username out. Not just my name, but my Fiverr username. I mean, it makes them look really dumb, but they’ll still use it.


Reply to @bijanstudio: That definitely is a good idea. Problem is @emasonwrites is right. Even what happened here on this thread, she specifically says, “Hi, this is Dee…” and they stole it anyway. (One of the people who stole her video prominently displays her name in her profile and all over her stuff…but then the video says, “Hi, this is Dee…” Would seem a little fishy to me as a buyer. Some people are just ridiculous.)

It also helps to being in the video yourself. It’s harder to steal the video if your profile image doesn’t jive with the person in the video or the other videos for the other gigs. (Theoretically it’s still possible and I’m sure it’s happened before, but it’s MUCH easier to spot. Only the really dim ones would steal a video with the seller on screen.)