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Another user stealing work!

Another user requested to see some of my work, being young and new to fiver I sent some but asked for them not to download anything. The message I received as per below:

‘Thanks. I just downloaded ad screenshot your artwork. Now I will make copies to frame and sell. I really appreciate you so much.’

This needs dealing with, whether the user is joking or not remains to be seen but either way the behaviour is disgraceful and they should be banned from this site

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You need to remove the link and the name of the user in question.

As much as I can understand your frustration, this is a matter for Customer Support, and it’s against the forum’s rules to name and shame.

To that end, please do report the user to CS, if you haven’t already. It’s disgraceful behaviour, and Customer Support will deal with it for you. Reporting the message is a good start, but you would also be wise to open a specific support ticket.


It might be against the rules but its certainly not against basic human decency call out a prepetrator and warn fellow sellers against fraudulent practices. Don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind getting warned about such users so that I keep an eye out for such occurrences even if its not true.

Thank you for your message, I have removed as you advised and just left in the message that was sent to me as proof of potential theft. The user has been reported and I will open a ticket as you suggest. Very sad however that on my first few days this has happened and someone (no doubt an adult) deems it acceptable to take advantage of someone younger.

Thank you for your message and support, it’s very disheartening and if we don’t name and shame, how do we ever achieve justice!

Nobody said it was against ‘human decency’ - I said it was against the forum rules, which it is.

I’m not sure why you feel the need to disagree about this?


It is really frustrating to see someone stealing your artwork. There are rules and forums and support for dealing with this but we rarely get justice against such people and if they are not punished they keep doing that crime for god knows how long. I wouldn’t say it is the right thing to name and shame but even I don’t find any other effective to curb these incidents it’s really disheartening.

You get it the same way you would in the real world - report it to the people who can fix it for you.

I do feel for you, it’s a horrible situation you’re in, and I really do hope Customer Support can penalise (ie; ban) the user in question. It sounds like this should be a pretty ‘open and shut’ case for them to deal with for you. Just be aware that since Covid19, their response times have been slower than usual.

Good luck, and hopefully this doesn’t spoil your experience here, or impact your Fiverr journey! :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like they are joking or trolling, possibly in respond to your plea not to download it.
It is highly unlikely a person planning to do all of that would announce their intentions.
But if that’s something they are going to do, you were given a heads up and can now monitor this particular artwork with more attention. If it shows up anywhere, you can take legal actions.


I feel the need because rules are made so that people don’t start misusing their freedom of speech but clearly here there is a person in distress and we need to look at from their emotional point of view because what you mentioned could have been pointed out by even a chatbot, I am just giving it a humane angle. Anyway, it was just my disagreement it doesn’t make you wrong nor make me wrong. We could both be right. I rest my case.

I am having a little trouble understanding the ticket system: please may you explain it further? Thanks for your help so far.


Go to this link -

Scroll to the bottom and where it says ‘Contact Us’, click that link. You’ll have a form to complete, where you’ll need to explain your situation. You should also be able to upload the messages you’ve received.

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some users come to disturb others.

Okay, thank you very much!

Try adding your watermark to images when sending samples through the message feature, or refuse to send anything until an order is placed.

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Thanks for the advice!

I understand your logic, but they shouldn’t joke about such things: these things are the sort of things that can get you banned. If he was trolling, it’s his fault he’s been reported. But again, I do understand your thinking.