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Another yet to be discussed problem with the ARS (Advanced Rating System)

There is another problem with the ARS that none of us have really discussed yet.

Even with the old Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down system there would occasionally be user error. With the new system, one of our great sellers posted an example of a 1-star review with GLOWING feedback. We used to have that with the thumbs up/down as well. A red thumbs down with an amazing review.

When that happened (or if it’s 1 star as in the one example) it’s obvious that there was confusion. Even someone who goes to read your negative reviews would understand it was a user error.

But what about someone who gives 3 stars “Satisfactory” (negative review per fiverr) and leaves a glowing review.

What do we make of that?

It will no longer be easy for a buyer to find that, read that, and see it was a user error.

Again, the system just has MORE noise, less information and will lead to fewer sales.

Hear, hear. Spot on as usual, @anarchofighter. I have wasted way too much time helping buyers understand how to use Fiverr at all points, including the rating system. I am being paid to do voiceovers, not to conduct tutorials.

stop_it_man said: I am being paid to do voiceovers, not to conduct tutorials.

Are you new to the forum? I'm liking your posts :)

Yes, he’s mostly become very active in response to the ARS but he’s been around from time to time.