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Answer - Buyers requests are not available

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing good.

This post is specially for newbies or those who are at No level.

As you all are facing the issue while searching buyers request there is no request available mostly. I see many people asking the same question and trying to figure out the solution. I am concluding that topic in a short answer and sharing a short and simple tips which can help you as at my time when I was new here and facing the same issue I searched it alot and after having alot of experience I just figured out the technique (may be it’s not 100% working but yes It will work some how as it help me alot at my time).

Well, the answer for the question requests are not available or showing not more than 1 or 2 requests all the time,
Its a common bug or fiverr algorithm that the people who are at No Level face this issue. Once you reach to level 1 you will have 100s of requests everytime.

The techniques for no level sellers,

1- Create all 5 or 7 gigs which fiverr allow to new seller. Create all and try to create with different categories. The request we see in request panel are from the same categories which we used while creating gig. So try to create gigs with different categories and there will be multiple no. of request chances increase of request availability.

2- As I am from Pakistan, I checked that mostly I saw the requests at my night time. This is because all the big regions specially US, the timings are totally opposite. When there is a night, there will be day! So try to search the requests at the day time of US.

The above mentioned 2 techniques are the only things that newbies can do at this time, try to spent more time here and try to reach at level 1 soon. Once you reach to level one there will be no need of any technique as you will see 100s of request everytime as it’s a common bug or fiverr algorithm that people at no level facing difficulty while searching for request.

Most welcome to the experienced sellers, please share your experiences and tips if you have or if you figured out any thing at your time, share it here as it will help the newbies alot and will give them motivation as well.

Keep remember me in your good wishes, I am always available to respond your queries (if I am able to answer that). Feel free to ask anything.

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Thanks a lot for sharing these tips

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It is a great sharing, keep it up.


As soon as 10 new sellers (sellers with no level) send their offers to a specific request, that request is no longer shown to unlevelled sellers.

It’s designed that way.


such a informative post <3


@sidnaz11, @faisalaziz1, @improtik,

Always welcome, stay blessed.

@catwriter, good sharing. Please keep share the things which you figured out ever, this forum is for all of us, the act of sharing helps us too much in many ways. Appreciated!


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion, i am facing same problem now days. InshaAllah your suggestion will work out


It’s been mentioned many times on the forum. Use the search, and you’ll find it.

Of course, with way too many people not using the search and instead asking the same question over and over and over again, forum does become cluttered and more difficult to use.



  1. I have created 1 Gig, and it’s been four days since I have received no order, only getting Impressions, views, and clicks.
  2. You have mentioned that create 5 to 7 Gigs (as the limit is 7) on different categories, can you define what categories are right. I am a graphics designer, and mostly I am working in photoshop, so can I create Gigs related to WordPress and SEOs in the same account?

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Yes, if it’s something you know how to do well.


@sarmadrizvi24 thanks a lot for these tips.


Thank you I will also face it now

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Yes, you are right. This is exactly i am seeing these days that’s why I am trying to conclude the answer in a short way, if people try to search they will get their answer without asking same question again and again.

Dear, while creating a gig there is an option of choosing category which can not be change later. You can edit your whole gig but not its category, check that category while creating and you will see what categories are available and what does it mean.

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@vidfomedia, @sarahefaby, @minhazsarker,

Always welcome, stay blessed!

Thanks man this is help me a lot. :+1: :+1:

Always welcome, stay blessed!


They’d have to search first instead of just creating another topic, and a lot of users seem to refuse to do that.

Have you tried searching the forum before creating this topic?


thank you! its good tips and informative post!

Yes ofcourse I did. I haven’t seen a valid concluded answer that’s what I think. After searching it I decided to create a topic and conclude this question in a short answer. Now, if I see any of the post related to this, I just copy the link of this topic in reply instead of typing our thoughts and replies.

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