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Answer - Buyers requests are not available

Hello, I have seen someone on the forum said that when you have finished one or two orders and get rated, you’ll see more buyer request. Is that true? I want to know to get more motivation as I’m new here and have only finished 1 order.

No, it’s not like that. You have to reach level 1 to get rid from this issue. Before that, you have to follow the above mentioned techniques or other experiences.


Thanks a lot for sharing these tips…

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Hello, sarmadrizvi24
I’m new to Fever. I’m still Didn’t get any work. But, I have a lot of experience in Fiverr.
please help me…


Hope you are doing good.

If you are new at fiverr, then How can you say that you have a lot of experience?

For didn’t get any work, please read the below shared article,

Thank you very much.

Thank you soo much brother for this tips

thank You for valuable tips

@jihadulislam893 , @hm_rashida , @the_amberkhan,

Always welcome, stay blessed.

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I have created 4 gigs. 2 are in same in data entry category. You mentioned to create gigs that alllowed by fiverr to new freelancer. How one know gigs allowed by fiverr to new freelancer? This is my first week on fiverr