Answer please "Why choose you for any job?"


I have heard that if you can answer this question while sending the offer to the buyer you’ll surely get the Order. So what should be the answer if you are a Graphic designer?


If you can’t find a USP, highlight something common that nobody else has highlighted yet.

Every designer seems to talk about their passion. If you do that, you’ll just blend into the crowd. Find another important aspect of being a designer, and then stress its importance to the buyer.

For example, every other writer focuses on how their content is unique. If I do that too, I’m just another face in a large crowd. So instead I focus on my writing process and talk about how important this process is. Other writers have processes, but nobody talks about theirs, so I’m an individual in that sense.


Your answer should be based on the buyer’s request. There is no template that you can use because each request is different.

As long as you don’t understand and accept it, you won’t probably get the job.
If you want our help then pick a buyers request, make an offer and if you don’t get the job then post both of these here and we can tell you what you should have done differently.


Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile: