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Is Fiverr decrease the seller’s level after the 15th january evaluation?


It would seem from the information we’ve all been given that yes, if you don’t meet the criteria for each level, you will be demoted.


I thought I read a post @eoinfinnegan made that level one sellers would not be demoted? Or was I dreaming? :sleeping:


Not sure what you are referring to Vickie, any level except new needs to keep the stats right to avoid demotion.
It may have been something about not being demoted if you are level 1 before Jan 15th and don’t have $400 in sales - then you won’t be demoted for that reason, as long as other stats are ok.


Yes! That is what it was. Because everything else is green for me except the $2000 requirement. Thanks. :+1:


Better hope this is not as buggy as the response rate.