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Answer to commonly asked questions about why I'm not getting the Orders!

Everyone is asking now a days that why we do not get orders and for this reason they often talk trash about experienced sellers on Fiverr by reaching out to them via inbox directly because they think seniors failed to tell them the secret recipe.

Well, there isn’t any secret to tell. The first and important thing you should ask yourself after creating the gig is: does my gig offer value for the money with high quality of work as compared to others who are getting the orders?

Now that is the tricky part, we all say YES to that question in our hearts because we do not want to realize our mistakes or inability to deliver the great and high quality work.

You have to be very honest with yourself and identify the mistakes and know where you lack in order to compete with others.

There is no shortcut or any harry potter like magic wand for success. Only key to success is what you do professionally on that platform and be consistent.