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Answer to: How to advertise Gigs on Social media?

I have seen many people when they are told that advertise your gigs on social media so they start asking that how to advertise on social media.

Here is the answer that how to advertise. I have seen the results where impressions, click and impressions increases so fast by applying this method by myself.

I use twitter for advertising where trends can be seen and trends are those hashtags which come up and down depending on how many people are tweeting using a hashtags at that time. So you can tweet your gig link with using different hashtags by which your tweets can be seen on wide area. Change the country of trends to US, UK, Australia and Canada and use hashtags of that country in your tweets.


Re/tweeting popular hashtags is a way to get your Twitter account reported for spam REALLY fast. And if it doesn’t get reported for spam, you can be sure it’ll get blocked or just ignored very quickly. You say you’ve had a different experience, so if that’s the case you’re welcome to elaborate on how you turn completely unrelated hashtags into high-converting tweets.

Kind of tricky coming up with a new unique in demand service for each new trend during the short life cycle of the trend.

I am not Re tweeting again and again using one hashtag and for your information, still my account is not reported for spam or get blocked. I have seen a big breakthrough in my Gigs impressions, clicks and views.

Sorry! i didn’t understand. What you want to say?

This is clearly spamming. How is this not obvious? And quite a few trends could land you in hot water. Take David Cameron’s pig affair last year. I have no idea what the # was for that, but if you jumped on that bandwagon with something irrelevant for a client?

Judging that your English isn’t that good, this is a very real danger for you. Please listen to @jamesbull, because he is absolutely right. This is a terrible newbie tip. As always, social media requires a lot of things: hard work, wit, a good knowledge of events, building up a network through the above and at a maximum 20% marketing whatever it is you want to market–and even then, it needs to be interesting not a desperate “plz buy”

Hanging off the coattails of a trend = bad idea, won’t work. You’re free to do it and think it works, though.

How it will effect my twitter account? What is meant by “it will reported for spam”? How? Guide me.