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Answer to "Traffic To All My Gigs Have Dropped" & "I am not able to make sales"

So, this happened to me. For the very first time in my fiverr journey, I noticed a significant drop in my sales, and even queries. On the other hand, developers who are delivering the same service as myself as getting new orders without any problem,

I thought maybe the reason for this weird encounter is “I only work on one single project at a time.”

But, when i spent some time on this forum, I realized that almost all the level 2 or level 1 sellers are facing this same problem. Coincidence? NOPE.

Then I found another article similar to mine where a seller was frustrated because he lost all the gig traffic and nobody was even contacting him. The same case.

Then I found another topic where a top rated seller revealed that buyers are not able to find your gigs because Fiverr has encountered an error with TAGS. Which means that nobody will be able to see your gigs in the search results because of tags being not searchable.

In the same post, he also wrote that fiverr is working to resolve this error but unfortunately, there’s no ETA for the same.

Let’s just hope that these guys bring things back to normal.

Source: (Thanks dude.)

Same here. I get usually 2-3 orders daily and sometimes 10 orders.
But i got only one order in previous two days.

Oh this is news, I recently see a decline as well, thanks for sharing.

I have the same problem since 10th of october,and i think almost everybody is facing the same issue.But no real actions for now, i used to get 10k impressions on my gigs and now they dropped to 1k… :smiley:
This never happend to me since i started with fiverr. :slight_smile:

What does the posted HTML string do and where does it get placed?

My gigs seem to take priority position in shifts. I had no orders for a week at the beginning of the month which was really weird (but a nice vacation for me!), but it has picked up since. Definitely my worst month in a while though.

Just remember: Fiverr will promote whatever makes THEM the most money. You’re the cash cow, and although you’re not going to be sent to the abattoir, you can and will be dropped as soon as you’ve been milked for all you can give.

20%…(30% after the fleecing of the buyer is added on)

Yes exactly i am facing the same problem now-a-days, hope it’s fixed soon

Let’s hope it gets resolved soon.

not a problem :slight_smile:

Most level 2/1 sellers are facing this error :smiley:

I am sorry, the codes are not visible.

The weird thing is that I was getting high quality orders. Most of my orders were custom orders and all of them were priced at around $260. But this drop helped me to watch a full seasons of many T.V Series. I hope this vacation ends soon :smiley: :smiley:

We can only hope. :smiley: :smiley: Fiverr keeps experimenting with its system. Most of the times, these upgrades prove to be of good use. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t seem to be so nice.

I also hope this situation ends soon,at the start of the month for 10 days i have made 420$+ ,and since then only 90$ :smiley:

I hear ya! It’s feast or famine, this kind of work.

I also facing the same issues, it been days since I have many inquiries and orders :frowning:

this is a true issue for all of us level u and t salers. i hope this matter is fixed soon because my oders have dropped to 0 in the past with exeption of my regulars. no new buyers have requested anything and this is not good at all for any of us!

I’m glad to know that I’m not alone here. I’ve tried updating my tags, but that did nothing.

I can concur that around the 10th of October and around the time when there was some form of Fiverr update (which resulted in some weird bugs with metadata, inbox, response rate etc), sales and messages simply stopped.

There was a maintenance update last night, hopefully this was to iron-out the issues being seen.

i think this issue happen because of fiverr new update " custom offer"
after this update now fiverr and other freelancing sites no different now seller has to bid on buyer request and wait for orders.