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Answer to "Traffic To All My Gigs Have Dropped" & "I am not able to make sales"

i don’t think this issue will resolved because now buyer direct post costum offers so 50% buyer not purchase gigs.

amigos de fiverr me encontre esta pagina con buenos productos con derechos de reventas es bueno para tener gran variedad de productos para vender puede visitarla aqui me parese una buena opcion para hacer muchas ventas

Absolutely the same problem here, starting at the same time. It can’t be a coincidence. NO queries or orders from new customers. Like many of the rest of you, I was getting at least one or two such contacts per day, but in two weeks there has been nothing, except from existing customers.

I’ll be following this thread for any news. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one in the boat. It seems like something that should have been fixed quickly.

I don’t think I quite understand the impressions thing. I see quite a few people mention 1k impressions being small. Looking at my impressions for the last 30 days, My first and oldest gig had 24 total impressions and my newer gig has had 56 impressions. I have yet to get 1 sale. My oldest gig has 4 clicks and 10 views, and my newer gig has had no clicks and 2 views. Both of these gigs I would think would be in demand, One for SQL database help and 1 for Excel spreadsheet help.

Same here!

Sales drop. I believe it is something intentional to promote new sellers.
Do you think that this is a major bug or something? (I don’t think so).

I noticed the same “drop-off” issues right around the 10th of Oct as well.

no guys now fiverr and other freelancing sites has no difference. They put " post a request"
option for buyer front of main page. 70% buyer post a request what they want that’s the reason why buyer not searching gigs and we facing huge drop in orders.

Now all seller has to request buyers.Idk what the value of gigs now ?
if we have to bid on buyer jobs so why we do here all freelancing sites are already doing this.

Can anyone comment on this? Is the percentage of buyers who are putting in requests as opposed to orders really that high? (I’m aware we don’t have the figures at our disposal, but what do people think?) I have not found sifting through Fiverr buyer requests to be any more productive than doing it at other sites - which is to say, not at all.

I would agree that to the extent that this becomes more like other sites, it loses its competitive edge.

In any case, there definitely is a problem with tags and searching. One of my specialized Gigs does not show up in searches no matter what combination of tags and keywords I search. I have put in a customer support request on this.

The something is " Post request" for buyer now 70% buyer post a request what they want like other freelancing sites now what’s value of our gig ? i’m confuse :confused:

I think number of sellers is decreased on Fiverr from last few months.