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Answering a message

I was pleased to get what I thought was my first gig, however, I can’t access my inbox so read or reply. Part of the message is there, but when I click on it, it says I can’t contact the buyer directly. I wasn’t I was doing it through the mail box.

How do I this?

Sheriff’s note: I had to move your post in the correct category

@karenjmoss contact Fiverr CS. They will help you o solve your problem.Actually this is not a problem with your account. its a problem with the buyer who sent you a message.Sometimes that buyer’s account has stopped now. you can check it like this, now I will send you a message saying “hi” so you can check your inbox.

Thanks Lucky, that makes sense as your message was no problem. I will contact Fiverr CS to ask them to check.

Many thanks again.

This usually happens when user account has been reported from someone else and it could have been temporary blocked or deleted…