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Answers for my previous "inappropriate" post

So, I posted a thread few minutes ago. It got flagged by community, hidden, and so on.

Moderator said: It appears to have inappropriate and offensive wording, suggestions related to rule breaking, tips for avoiding Fiverr rules/terms, etc.

Here are my answers:

  • inappropriate and offensive wording > ok, maybe because I used the word “god”.

If that is inappropriate and offensive, I can accept that. As a non-religious person, that might offended religious fellows here. Please accept my sincere apologize.

  • suggestions related to rule breaking, tips for avoiding Fiverr rules/terms > can’t remember any part about this.

I showed forum members a way to spot a gig moderation failure. Never suggesting anyone to do that. Also I believe nobody here gonna follow that shameful tactic.

If ones read until the end. Last few paragraphs are proof that I did recommend sellers to get back to work on their order, ie. forget worrying about level and just keep working hard.

By the way, who is breaking the rule in the case that I showed? Sellers? Gig Moderators? Me?

I understand that the nature of my writing might be too ambiguous. However, the first comment has correctly guess and suggest that my post was sarcasm. The other comment also answer with sarcasm.

Maybe I should have point out within the post that it is sarcasm, but I was given no time to edit or reply to comments. That was funny. But no problem. Two thumbs up for you moderators for quick response over community flags.

Lastly, my other thread, not related in any way with said thread, was also flagged and hidden. Not sure if this is related to my (flagged?) account or simply there are people who hates me and just “flag all post by this troll!”.

That’s all folks. Like this, report this, comment, or whatever to show that you read this and learnt something.


I re-read Forum Rules to further reflects on which part of my previous post is violating the rules.

Rules #3: Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling users/staff/CS a derogatory name. > No hate speech, no name calling = no violation.

Rules #4: extreme language, extreme adult language, extreme sexual comments or innuendo > no (unless if “god” is extreme enough, fine then). Don’t bash Fiverr, Moderators or Customer Support. > no, except that I showed a failure in the system, and that was without putting blame to anyone.

That said, this post might bring “negative athmosphere” to the forum. So it is very understandable that this one should be flagged and removed.

Happy weekend-working everyone! :wink:

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