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Anti-"Keyword" Stuffing is the Worst Policy Ever

Dear Community

I’ve just joined fiverr after lurking around for a while, and I think that the website’s policy to block my gig creation because certain words are too often used is ridiculous and annoying. If I talk about a service related to websites, you can’t expect me not to mention websites in the description. And I’m not even keyword stuffing, which this counter-measure is supposed to prevent.

I’m not going to argue with anyone, so don’t expect me to fight back. Just my opinion.

Good luck with selling.

It’s not like I go out and advertise my websites or services on my own gigs. I might as well not bother putting gigs up in that case. But I tried to make some of my gigs to be more informational, and the limits shoot me up in the backyard. Since it’s my first day, I’ll need to learn more about fiverr. See you around

It’s a fair opinion, but it’s also a fair policy.

Fiverr’s made it pretty clear that they don’t want sellers taking business off-site, so it follows that they’re not going to let you list websites or post links to websites anywhere in your gig. It’s for their own profits, but also to ensure the safety of buyers who need to know they won’t be pulled off of Fiverr where they won’t have any recourse for shoddy workmanship or outright fraud.

It is kind of weird that if my gig offers blog posts, for example, it gets angry if I use the word “blog” more than three times (I think that’s the limit). I get that they don’t want you to just write “blog posts” over and over to fill the character limit, but sometimes substituting a synonym for the keyword you want to use just doesn’t work.

But in Fiverr’s defense, there are probably far more users who would abuse keywords if there wasn’t a limit than users who would actually use it responsibly.

I think the keyword limits are annoying at times but I’ve never seen a case where I couldn’t re-write a little to get a gig to work. I can’t use as strong a word as “block” to describe the limitation. If there was no limit, I can easily see some goofball writing BUY NOW!!! ten times as half their gig description. It is Fiverr, after all.