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Anti-virus going nuts about

Since yesterday, my anti-virus (malwarebytes anti-malware) has been blocking me from accessing, saying the site has been compromised. I had to disable it to even post this message. Would be nice to see if someone else is having this issue or if it’s just me.

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Just you.

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You said it yourself

I think you should change your anti-virus and If you want to use anti-virus, you can use internet security version of anti-virus.

I haven’t noticed any issues. I use iObit for my anti-virus program - based on the recommendation of my computer techie mother. She swears by it, and I’ve not had any issues since I started using it.

I do not use any antivirus, just have the real-time protection enabled on windows.
So I am not sure what’s causing the issue, you can try another program.

hopefully you don’t have a nut allergy

change ti Avast

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Try a different one. I use Avast.

Same here, you can try to add this exclusions

setting / exclusions / add exclusion

select “exclude a website”

add these ones one by one:

it is not only you, malwarebytes blocked the site

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Nope, its just you. Without that I faced a massive decrease of sales in my gig, normally I received 4/5 order per day, now a days I am receiving one or two order in 3/4 days(this month). I think there is something wrong going on fiverr website.

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