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Any 1 Intrested to buy US phone veryfied facebook account

HI, I can create US veryfied Phone Number veryfied accounts.

ANy 1 intrested to buy

If it’s not legal for GMail it’s not legal, period!

I don’t care if people wants those emails, it’s not legal and could not be sold.

If you read Fiverr ToS you discover that every gig that violates third parties ToS is a clear violation of Fiverr ToS too, so some of your gigs are not legal and could be removed from Fiverr editors…

Take a look at

Listen But people want these for seo. and for work. i am creating for work not spamming. People buy gmail from me with different keywords then i don’t think so its against.but for gmail may be. but for seo .people need this.

Sorry to tell you, but I’m pretty sure this is not legal :frowning:

hey what not legal.

Selling pre-verified GMail accounts is against GMail ToS (and so against Fiverr ToS); same for other services like Facebook and reviews…

Listen. not justi have.have many peoples and they approved my gig after review.

So its legal and fiverr legal me.

No i have thousand gig about gmail,youtube,google.

this is not fair.they approved me ok.

English is not my language so.

@mark74 if you reported about me on fiverr then verybad act.


they denied my all gigs. realy bad act.

@kjblynx mark reported about my gig,even my gig and all work working well. tell me this is good.

not very bad. if gmail creating is my work and i can do this and selling for busness and for seo propuse then its not good. Google know everything and google know about real and fake .thats why they have a big search engine.

But the other ediots. why u did .,

Just search on google,

Buy gmail. you recive alot of site about buy gmail,youtube etc.

Then why google don’t action and why google give rating and don’t take any action.

here is have a lotof gigs about sellings. then its mean fiverr its also ilegal .

they give permision for selling.

Just check on fiverr search box.

buy gmails. buy youtube. buy fb carglist paypal. and then you see thousands gigs. Why they ar active. plz tell me.

I am sure ,On fiverr have tooo much gigs about ilegal selling then fiverr must remove thoese all.

Reply to @fiverseler: If you search Google (or other search engines) you can find software cracks, illegal software, illegal medicines, child pornography and so on: are they legal? No, honestly I think they are not!

Should they be removed from search engines? I don’t know, maybe yes or maybe not, but if you search something barely legal you know what you’re going to find, no excuses!

As @kjblynx tried to tell you, Fiverr editors don’t check every submitted gig (they actually can check very few I think), but that doesn’t mean that a gig can’t be suspended later. If Fiverr receives some complaint from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Disney or other companies, they remove involved gigs, period. When every Fiverr registered user created own account, he/she saw ToS, accepting it: you too accepted it, so you should know that any third party ToS violation can lead to the ban of the gig and, sometimes, to the ban of the whole account!

More: if you take a couple of minutes to search this forum, you’d find many sellers moaning for well selling gigs suddenly denied without any warning. You are not the only one whose gigs have been denied; consider that Fiverr is taking violations very seriously and it’s performing a stronger check to remove illegal gigs.

Selling pre-activated GMail accounts, just like selling Facebook likes or po.rn images, is not legal and Fiverr editors won’t tolerate this, period.

Reply to @fiverseler: they’re already taking actions on some of them… it’s just a matter of time…

Hmmm… did you just created the same gigs that you were told again and again are illegal? Seriously?

Reply to @cristinaghy: :open_mouth: [-X :-q Sometimes people don’t want to learn from their mistakes…

Reply to @mark74: Guess not :frowning: