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Any $5 Gigs Anymore?


HERE! I’m new and I wish people would start discovering my $5 gigs!


… or know that in order to get any jobs at all, they have to price their services at $5 because their services aren’t worth more than $5.
… or knowingly use it as a starting point to get the first reviews and up their prices then, so you need to constantly spend time on searching for new sellers who are good and cheaper than feasible (at first).

Anyway, order from those, problem solved. :slight_smile:


Some freelancers can afford to charge this rate because the currency of their home country is not as strong as the USD. I have seen some sellers who have hundreds of reviews after thousands of sales but they are still offering $5 gigs.


Yea, I think we established quite a few reasons why sellers sell at $5. The question seemed to be why there aren’t any but there are. Between that and the filtering option, OP should be able to find some.


And this is a gig economy where some experienced freelancers work more for less pay now due to globalization.

In short, globalization is good for freelancers in developing countries and perfect for buyers in general.