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Any advantage of 'best seller' tag on gig?

Hi fiverrers !
Can you please guide me about advantages of ‘best seller’ tag on gig?Because my gig has best seller tag on it
If you have one minute Free, Please.
Shall be thankful to you…

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This tag shows you that this gig is the best seller from all your gigs. Nothing to do with the Fiverr search and will not get any benefit from them.


Firstly thanks for response.
What is meant by best seller. I mean only completed my first order than it showing on that gig and no completed orders with other gigs.
So, how i am best seller?:relaxed:

The “best seller” on your gig isn’t shown to anyone other than you so it will only benefit you so you know which of your gigs is selling the most (or more likely which is selling the most, most recently).

It’s probably which has received the most orders (even if they’re not yet complete) within the last x days (assuming it’s not “all time”).

edit: though that tag from your gig isn’t shown to other users, I think it shows the best seller first (in the top left) when they view your profile.


It does not mean YOU are the best seller. It means that particular gig that has that badge is the best seller (sells the most) out of all the gigs you offer.


But surely it’s not really social proof if no one else can see the badge on that gig on his profile (unless if it was through his screenshot, but since it (the badge) is not shown publicly, it’s not really designed as social proof I think).

Is it not? Sorry, my mistake.

Then the value would just be feedback and a reminder for the seller.

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No it’s not shown on anyone’s gig on their profile other than the logged in seller’s profile (ie. only shown for the seller looking at their own profile when logged in).

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Thanks for letting me know!

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Always satisfied with your response. I always stop my searching after your answer and solution . Thanks a lot to be here on fiverr forum.
I wanna friendship with you. Any good luck for me ?

Thanks a lot. Good luck.

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Please can somebody help me here, I’m really confused by this best seller of a thing, my gig is showing best and it has only receive 2 orders unlike other gigs, and it is still showing the best seller badge on it.

While search, the gig is not on first five pages, I’ve never receive a message on it before, and it’s still showing best seller.

Please advise me, what should I do

I think it might be a recent bug. Mine normally showed as the best seller the one that actually had the most orders recently (whether completed or not I think). Currently it’s incorrectly showing a gig as my best seller when that gig hasn’t sold much at all recently. I thought maybe it could be taking the selling price into account but even with the selling price, it’s still showing the wrong gig (and it shouldn’t be taking the package prices into account if that’s not the actual selling price, eg. if a custom offer is normally used).

So since it seems like a recent bug you could contact CS about it and see what they say (and see if they can fix it if it’s wrong):
Though CS are taking a long time to respond currently I think.

Maybe a fix needs running on some accounts or it’s a bug that affects most users (though it might be correct for many users as there haven’t been many recent posts about it on the forum). It might have gone wrong after the “N/A” issue but that’s just a guess.

It should read “BEST SELLING” rather than “BEST SELLER”.

No that wouldn’t eliminate confusion because people would still wonder if it means best of their gigs or best of Fiverr. Changing the grammar doesn’t fix that. Also “Best Seller” is grammatically more appropriate: this gig is your best seller.