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Any advantage of level 1 seller because orders not come

Hi Everyone,
Is there an advantage of level 1 seller to get more sales because I am Level 1 seller but get no sales so what i can do improve my sales and get more orders??


level 1 is like you are in ocean with small wood. as I am right now. The buyer request is totally devastated. Need patience. Keep marketing and send buyer request daily. Now it’s hard to find buyers cause you are in the ocean where ships are surfing.


yes you are right because Buyers request are 95% those that are not according to my expertise and not matching what i provide


I didn’t find any buyer request of my niche after level up. sometimes one or two appeared and old buyer requests are showing still. I think new seller’s buyer request is neat and clean.


yes,you are right but there are some buyers also wo can trust only on those sellers who have level up


leave those few buyers who tagged only particular buyer can do the job cause there are tons of newbies who are better than top rated. and few buyers have time to check the level up. all resellers and marketers are seeking for level up buyers.


Yup, I think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

@muddassarikhlaq after reached a goal maybe some sell dcrease

I’m having the same issue, though i’m just coming back from a very long holiday.

I hear about this problem from a lot of new level up seller.
They suggest that You should more active than before.
a) try to regular buyer request.
b) try to get order from your past buyer.
c) try to give more value on your service.
d) be active on Fiverr forum.
e) if possible to try promote your gig on your powerful social media.
You are new level up seller where a lot of old and same level up seller live on and now fight with level up seller not new seller. That I got. Maybe some points other can add and I am eagerly wait to catch up it.

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The correct category for this is Improve My Gig.

DO NOT do B on your list. If you reach out to a past buyer with no reason other than to ask them if they want to buy something else, you may very well anger that person to the point they will report your account for spamming them. Then, your account will get a warning that can hold you back from going to the next level, and if you get enough warnings your account becomes restricted.



Sure! Seller should not annoying to buyer at all.
Also thanks to add this most important point too. :+1:

Now I am facing this and I think this is normal

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

Edit: How can I solve this?

Just for clarity. I see you have deleted the part (above) that prompted my reply.