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Any advice for a beginner?

Hello everyone,

New here, made an account a couple of days ago. Can anyone look at at least one of my gigs and tell me what they think I should change or if I should remove it completely? Any general advice is also welcome. My skills are mostly drawing and English, disregarding gaming ( that’s a a given :P) so what do you think should be my starting gig if I can do anything with these skills? xD

I’ve seen Top sellers and level 2s write “I am a top seller buy from me” ( well not in those exact words but that was the point) and I was wondering how a new seller is supposed to get an order when even if you offer good quality, the top sellers with a bunch of reviews are a safer choice for everyone?

Of course, I came into this with the intention of making only enough to buy a new monitor so I’ve no high ambitions or expectations, but still, I would appreciate any advice on how to improve! :slight_smile:

Work Hard !!

Keep the customer satisfaction level high

Yes for a beginner you will have to sometime take the work for a very low wage

But just take it

and do this with full zeal and Zest

and try t get full rating and reviews on it

And bingo!!!

Your business will start growing

Just make sure of one thing



Welcome to Fiverr. I started just like you. 1000’s of people and I was the new guy. I studied gigs and evaluated what was selling. I didn’t start making some products until I saw they were popular on Fiverr.

I offered a deal that was 80% less than my competition and delivered much faster.
I would absolutely not settle for anything less than my clients absolutely loving what I did. Multiply revisions and a ton of time.

I’m concerned that you are not motivated to make money? It is going to take alot of work and you will get distracted if you don’t passionately need it. I was in a major financial hardship when I started and it just had to work. I told my wife that I was trying this and she wouldn’t see me for about 60 days. I even worked through the Christmas holiday.

Picking a Product:
I would focus on the 50 real people you know offline. What services can you offer them that are life changes. Services they need and they can’t do and would pay you to do them. Things that would benefit them so much that they would spend real money. These real people will be your first customers here on Fiverr.

Even better, think of business people you know that could buy something you make and then be able to make more money because of the product that you made. Say a flyer or a promo video. This is where you both begin to benefit from the business transaction. You make money and they have more leverage in business because of the product.

Thank you for replying landongrace,

I will take your advice about multiple revisions and give my best to satisfy any customer I hopefully get. Will also give a try doing it for a lot cheaper than I thought at first.

As for my motivation, I don’t have a wife and my biggest concern is buying a monitor for the PC I bought (yes, I got it without a monitor and it’s now sitting here being useless) without asking others for money. My determination is definitely not even close to what yours was and I am impressed by what you got through!

What you wrote about picking a product also made me think and I will think a lot more about it and try come up with something useful for people I know offline and business people.

Again, thank you for replying and for the advice! :slight_smile:

One Good thing I see is you are being honest about what you say, but you have to be careful since you said; Of course, I came into this with the intention of making only enough to buy a new monitor so I’ve no high ambitions or expectations.

The reason I say this is because your passion is what will help you put all you can into the work you do. As long as you deliver a product with full ambition you will do well, but if your product reflects your non-ambitions then you will not deliver a great product and not get repeat customer’s.

Send me an inbox. I might be able to help you

I am also try to make some money from honestly I have some question here 1) How does Fiverr work now? 2) How can I bring my gig at first. 3) I have seen many gigs are not getting any review but they are at first. I have update my gig with some good tag, title… Then haven’t any change I see.

Please! Give some update idea… How can I get more sell and bring my gig at first and get more sell.

In my profile I wouldn’t emphasize my relatively young age because that immediately implies “inexperienced” or “can’t be good enough yet” to many. I would, instead, emphasize my expertise at drawing, and excellent english, proof reading and editing skills.
Also I looked at the gigs and I think you’re probably short changing yourself. For example, the proof reading of $5,000 words for $5.00. If you really want to make some money for that monitor, charge the one gig ($5.00) for the first 1,000 words and then $25.00 or some additional charge to read the final 4,000 words.
The main thing though is to treat these current “small gigs” like they’re million dollar gigs and do the very best work you can for your customers. If you’re really good, they’ll keep coming back. Repeat business is critical. I have one client who has ordered 56 jobs from me in the past year. All for around $85.00(Now). But when he first ordered he was paying me just the five. It’s truly like you have to prove yourself, and once you do, the bucks will come rolling in! Hang in there!!

I started off by bidding on buyer requests, which got me my first couple of orders. For my first orders (and all orders afterwards, of course), I made sure to go above and beyond for my buyers, admitting and fixing any mistakes I made in delivery, helping them out as much as possible. Because of my work, I got a few great reviews and that was all it took to get the ball rolling.
Basically, what I’m trying to say is – make your first few gigs count! Show two or three people that you’re a great person to work with, and the rest will follow suit.

Returning customers are the bread and butter. Fast money means in most cases fast delivery with less quality. If you do that math: Yes you might get some fast GiG’s and some fast little cash. It’s definitely no long term business plan or idea. If you offer a 100 % work, deliver a 100 % work, the customer will be 100 % happy, its a simple line of thinking.

Some of the key things that you have to pay attention.

  1. Use the forum to get views on your gig. (Use “My fiver Gigs” category
  2. Do a keyword research.
  3. Use buyer requests page to send offers. This way you can find your first order.
  4. Be unique, short & sweet


I got my first sale after 14 days. So don’t give up!

All the best!

for new seller , please understood requirement very well before order because some times buyer more expectation than amount so clear all things before order

One important thing is please don’t copy other gig because it is very important for buyer attraction. Be honest and list only those point that you afford in some fixed rate. So write your gig im your words with effective example

Hi ZeroMark,
You’ve already had some cracking advice which I can’t fault. My only additions would be to get a video introduction made, it helps. Next would be working on an excellent, snappy profile. As for the money side of things, don’t undersell your services, many new members do this for short-term gains but ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true in Fiverr as it is in life. Spend more time going through the pages of jobs, as most people don’t get passed the first 2 pages. I have been on Fiver for a little over a week and I have had six jobs and earned over a $100. Not bad for my first week, so with a bit of effort, good communications and a commitment to providing exactly what your customer wants are vital and you will soon be buying a new computer, never mind the monitor!

Hi! In my experience (although I’m pretty new too), I only do well in Gigs that I’m really passionate about, so I think it is better to offer services that really make you happy doing. I think that being new and having no reviews is not a problem on Fiverr, use the Buyers requests page and send customized messages depending on the request so they choose YOU over other sellers.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi there, we would advice patience above all things, money does not rain from the sky when you start selling. Sales come slowly at first, and may not come from easy customers, if you are not patient you would have a hard time dealing with difficult customers. If you learn how to deal with them then you are on the right track to 98-100% happy customers or positive reviews.

Hello! Welcome to the Fiverr Family! My advice to you would be to pursue the gigs which you are most passionate about and perform them to the best of your abilities. In the event that the gig isn’t bringing in enough revenue, feel free to research and learn a new skill!
Best of luck to you on this amazing journey!

Hi ZeroMark… :slight_smile:

As per my knowledge and experience, below steps surely help you to get more orders.

  1. Add a simple video to promote your gig.
  2. Add three images with some catchy saying about your gig on it ( Now you have only one image ).
  3. Write your description in simple way and small paragraph wise.
  4. Add tags properly and use those tags in your description at least once.

I followed this and it’s working for me. I think this will help you to improve your rank within Fiverr and get more sales.

All The Best,

I’m also pretty new on fiverr but I’m not as new in e-commerce and online business in general.

If I needed to give a short list of things you need to do extremely well to succeed here on Fiverr it look something like this…

  1. Have quality
  2. Fast respond times
  3. Good research and SEO
  4. Be ready and in a mood to communicate and negotiate a best deal for you as a seller and for the other person as a buyer.

To be honest I don’t have much sales and I’ve been here since January or Feb. However, I am not concerned about them nor do I need to chase them so if you want to make quick sales then maybe you need to resort to some kind of other tactics. :slight_smile:

Best of luck

  1. Always treat you clients like gold because if you do they will come back or give you a referral

  2. Have a service policy that states 110% client satisfaction

  3. Be clear and concise when writing you Gig

  4. Find the right Fiverr keywords for your Gig

  5. Always ask for positive feedback

  6. Use Social Media to promote your gig
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  7. Always respond to questions from potential clients asap.

  8. Keep your prices reasonable.