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Any advice for this Gig?

Any advice?


More examples, different styles.

A lot of people looking for logos want something very professional and minimalistic, think Facebook, Uber, Twitter, McDonalds.

Your logos are fine but don’t really demonstrate “minimalistic” designs which are popular these days, so you might not get as much interest as other sellers. You should always include the maximum amount allowed of examples on your design gig as a new seller, because your portfolio is going to be what makes people decide to go with your or not since you don’t have many/any reviews.

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I’m guessing your a team?

Maybe expand the gig description?

What do you think about this?

There are several English errors. Also inconsistency with ‘our’ and ‘my’. Are you a group or an individual?

You’ve got 2 active gigs with exactly the same title. You should only have 1 gig per title (1 for each unique service you provide).

edit: Also you could add a “t” at the end of “…satisfied with the final resul”.

I think it’s good. but you need more updated eye catching gig image.

Both gigs are exactly the same apart from the images - and prices. This is against TOS.

100% satisfaction will keep you on the hook forever- remove it because it attracts the wrong kind of buyer.

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