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Any advice on gathering information on my buyers?

My issue is that I want to survey my buyers. Maybe offer them a discount if they would answer some questions.
What were they looking for here on fiverr when they found me? What were their search terms?
Did they buy the product/service for themselves or someone else?
Did they use it for business, advertising, or pleasure/entertainment?
What did they ultimately end up doing with the product? Display it for personal enjoyment? Display it on a website? Combine it with another product or service?

Maybe something about themselves as well, an age range, or their profession? (as long as this part doesn’t violate fiverr’s terms of service.

I think you are overthinking this whole Fiverr thing. A lot of buyers like their privacy. They come here to get affordable work . A lot of buyers work for clients as well and some of them you will never talk to again.

Unless it is relevant to your gig I wouldn’t bother asking them.

Just my opinion :wink: .