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Any advice on improvement?

Hi, would you mind checking out my gig here: and letting me know how you think I should improve it? Thanks so much :heart:. Leave yours in a reply and I’ll make sure to favorite.


Hi, Checked your gigs. Like your gig image and description. Though you will get good suggestions from more experienced members from this community. Hopefully you will get more success in 2020. Thanks!


Started watching the video, had to stop. I have to ask before I look at anything else: why are you reading the slide? Or, rather, why did you make the slides match exactly what you say?

(Was the second slide’s text meant to be that tiny?)

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Hi, I think you should improve the tags also if you put yourself in the video it will be better.


Thank you for the helpful advice. I don’t have a a good quality camera to record. I hear video helps. Maybe I can purchase an animation.


The sound/voice I thought was great. I just think the video wasn’t up to the quality of the voice.
(Not sure I can link this here, but it’s good information:)

Scroll down to some of the responses to the OP.

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I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but you’re probably likely to get more hits advertising your gig as a “child” voice, as opposed to “youthful”. Most people looking for youthful voices mean young adult, which is what they need for their commercials, where a more childlike voice will be too young for their product. Voices in the “child” category are still very popular for cartoons, games and such though! But I think you’ve slightly mischaracterized your unique sound by calling it “youthful”, because it is VERY very young sounding! So the people who are looking for your type of voice specifically might not find it, and the ones who are looking for “young adult” voices may not think yours hits the mark.

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While you certainly don’t need to change this gig, I think you’d find quite good success rates making a “child voice” centred gig as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush:. I was going to add a child gig but you’re right. I should edit my demos and title to reflect my true voice.

@joyh97 I totally agree with you.

Thank you everyone for your help! I’ve taken your feedback and edited my gig. :slight_smile:

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Your new gig looks great!! One reeeeaaally small thing - I’d be careful about advertising ASMR as something you offer, because basically ASMR got pretty much blacklisted from the website a few months (maybe a couple of years?) ago. Anyone with “ASMR” in their gig basically got removed from the search results, which is why if you search “ASMR” in the search bar no gigs will show up. It might not be a problem at all, but if it’s flagged your gig might end up being hidden!

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Fantastic improvement! Aside from the above mentioned, there’s one other thing that might cause problems that I can see: Don’t use the Fiverr logo in your gig video/images. I know many do, but it’s a risk that I don’t think you should take.

Thank you! I’ll remove.

That’s so crazy. Thanks for the info.