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Any advice on my gigs in the "dance niche"?

Hey there!

I just started utilizing Fiverr to over professional services in dance training, freestyles, and choreography and I wanted to see if you, the community, had any advice on my SEO, set up, profile, etc.

I’ve been editing my bio, gig descriptions, and everything in between to try and be on top of the search algorithm, but more importantly, be attractive to potential clients.

Any advice, feedback, or tips on how I can make these even better would be much appreciated!

What are your tips on how you’ve been making the most out of Fiverr?

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Great moves man.

First thing that comes to my mind: add a short, few word description in your gig image, as thumbnail writing, so that people can know what the gig is about only by looking at it’s image.

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That makes a ton of sense. Would you happen to know for video samples how Fiverr determines the default thumbnail? I’m assuming it’s a specific timestamp like halfway through but was never truly sure.

Appreciate the feedback my man!

Check this out. But the horizontal size is actually less than 690. The solution is to keep everything in your gig image as centered as possible and let fiverr cut the sides, wherever they want.

You need this as well:

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Oh wow I didn’t know that feature existed. Thank you for that!

Here’s my best advice for improving your dance gig. Deliver what you promise and provide as much detail as possible (video resolution, perspective, mask or no mask, etc.) I recently had Fiverr cancel three consecutive orders on my behalf because the dance gigs I ordered were basically false advertising. All female dancers promised to dance to my song and / or create custom choreography.

What I got was spliced footage of previous gigs horribly timed. Here’s the insane part; All other niches, I’ve never been hustled. I’ve never been hustled by a dude. For some reason all three of these gigs the sellers tried to hustle for me for something.