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Any advice?

Heya guys have an issue - brought it up with customer services but heard nothing back yet:

30th August - Agreed to work with Seller for $200. Payment made on this day. Order was apparently not completed??

1st September - Funds cleared from my bank account

6th September - Check order status today - hoping for an update… See order not completed. Double check bank account and funds left.

Contacted customer services - heard nothing back - do you know how long they typically take?

Spoke to Seller, they had received nothing. Made a second payment so they can get started (time sensitive order)

Any advice to get Fiverr to reverse one of the payments? Should I have not have made that second payment?

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Customer service sometimes takes a day or 2 to reply. It really depends on the amount of tickets they receive.

I think it would have been good to wait for a reply before making another payment.

Don’t worry too much, I am sure you will get this sorted out in no time.

I agree with annai80, you should have waited before making the second payment but I am sure fiverr customer support will definitely help you. Its very prompt but sometimes takes a day or two to respond, but I have complete faith in them. They try to be fair to both, the buyer and the seller. So dont worry, you will get your funds back soon.