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Any advise when someone offer cheap apps


Hi all I am looking for someone to build a mobile app. That is similar to “wats app” that can communicate in group chat. Someone offering me $150 usd is it too cheap to believe. Any advice for me to play save if I use him. Why app can be so cheap?


There are several “Instant messaging” android and ios app builder available over the internet that makes the work really easy. The seller just need to arrange the GUI and the builder manages the rest. So, $150 USD should be enough and not too cheap to believe.


Oh so it is achieve able.? thanks for your info.


But he has no review in the fiverr. Is it save to engage them.
Or Any way I can avoid cheating case in fiverr.


I will not take the risk to assure you of that. It depends on you whether to choose the seller on not. I just confirmed that $150 is not too cheap to believe.


Although it is achievable, I would not expect anything close to Whatsapp for $150.
If you are skeptical about a seller with no reviews, you can ask them a few questions on how they are planning to build this app and also ask for a portfolio.
The seller is only paid when you mark the order as complete and if your think that you have been delivered something that is completely different than what was promised earlier, you can ask for a mutual cancellation which will refund the funds to you or contact Fiverr customer support.


Thank you tor the advice. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I am not an app builder, I am a graphics designer and I can tell you UI and UX design services for apps and websites would at the cheapest cost around that price and even more, not to mention writing the codes.

Nevertheless, I would like you to understand that some sellers can be cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t pull of the task perfectly. It’s all a matter of understanding the worth of the services you offer. Sometimes, cheap could be deliberate as it may pull buyers towards you,especially ones looking to have it done well but at a cheap price.

Just as @taverr had said, I wouldn’t assure you of the quality of the job you would be receiving even if it was priced at 500 USD, what matters is the freelancer’s knowledge of the job and person skills that has been developed overtime.

Goodluck with your project!