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Any advises about growing up?

i have been working here for 4 years now, i would appreciate any new advice about getting bigger and being more and more successful


You’ve got some amazing sales figurers and excellent feedback.

I’m not sure that you need to ‘grow up’ - you’re already very successful.

However, all your gigs are $5.

Why don’t you try changing one or two of them to $10 and see what happens?


I think you can stand out from the rest of the people in translations category by making a cool, creative video promoting your services and you should surely consider increasing your prices a bit, they are too less from my perspective

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Yeah, he should.

No one wants to pay too much for anything but also, if I see a gig with prices like 5$ I will think that the seller is not very experienced or not very good :rofl: usually we pay for quality so…

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This and the point that he has more than 700 5 Star Reviews, so he should definetly consider increasing the prices


I think no need to change. Go ahead