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Any Australian Cricket Fans Here?

You got NO chance! Your boys are going home today! #TeamIndiaRulz

(Would love to do some trash talk, but that could get me banned from here)

Oh oh…oh well

(thank God there are no Aussies on Fiverr)

Do I detect a little hubris? :smiley:

excessive pride or self-confidence.
(I had to look that word up.)
If your boys lost (which of course is unthinkable) you would never be able to show up on the forum again so maybe it’s best.

Hubris is all that and so much more! The modern usage section of this wiki goes into it quite nicely. I wasn’t aware of the Aristotle stuff, so it’s also educational!

And not terribly cricket-related…

What a great history of a word! It includes lots of good stuff.
Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities sounds like some fiverr sellers.

Hubris? What hubris? WE WON!!! #SUPERPOWERINDIA


Emma, your boys are in the semis too…but we won’t be facing them sadly…would love to have played them…LOL…very easy to beat.

Crickets are edible. Just like grasshoppers. I wonder why they named the sport ˝Cricket˝. I will look it up.