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Any benefits for being Fiverr PRO?


Is there any benefit for applying for the PRO program? Are there any new clients, more clients? Because I was thinking about it and started to check the PRO seller and to be honest: I see poverty there. Very few orders, mostly NONE. If I would have to choose a seller, this PRO sticker repulses me, there is something odd it, something not right, something fro outside, untouchable, not for me. Would the access to the PRO sticker a disaster in a long run? Is Fiver PRO a disaster and Fiverr’s tactical mistake?


People are only Pro verified in certain subcategories, not all and they don’t need lots of orders in the Pro gigs, ie. the prices of the gigs should be high enough that you don’t need as many orders. The benefits are probably on that page but it allows you to set higher gig prices, have a team working to support the buyer (not just you) and the badge should help show that you are a Pro (eg. in those subcategories) to buyers and help justify any higher prices.

What you could do is compare the number of orders to other non-pro gigs but taking into account the gig/package prices and see how profitable they are.

But only around 1% of applicants are said to be accepted for Pro.

Why would the Pro program be a disaster?

Are you talking form a buyer perspective, or a seller not being part of the program?

Not sure I understand your POV.

Your post started with you considering the benefits of joining and ended up with you trashing it.

What are the true feelings behind your statements?

How has the Pro program affected you personally?

If would be a TOP SELLER subjectively I would feel I am on the top of the sellers in my category. If I would be a PRO I would feel excluded. It’s about showing the results, it is about the presentation (black logo, almost like a DEATH NOTE). This is all subjective of course. In my subjective opinion I WOULD trust more level 2 or TOP SELLER with amazing reviews THAN a PRO with 2 sold and amazing story, which I cannot confirm because he sold NONE.

I tell you what, in my opinion Fiverr has created the PRO only to show itself not only as a shitty $5 service, but also something exclusive, something ALSO for people with a higher standards. But generally this is a failure, just a facade.


Pro gigs are not for every buyer, that’s true. Buyers who want to spend no more than $5 or $10 are not going to be interested in Pro services.

Most of Pro sellers have successful businesses (and are big names in their industry) outside of Fiverr. Fiverr invited them to become Pro sellers here in hope to attract a different type of buyers, but to many Pro sellers who were invited that way, it doesn’t really matter whether they get orders here or not.


Ha and this is the problem. I pay sometimes the same amount to the TOP SELLER but I would never pay it for the same job for the PRO, because he has no reviews.

And this supports my thinking: they have created PRO only for uplifting themselves, because since I remember Fiverr was a $5 service with “designers” creating logos from a Shutterstock vectors.

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OK, I’ll be back at the evening EU time, clients first
I am sorry for creating a storm in a glass and leaving like that.

The guy who created the Apple logo doesn’t need reviews on Fiverr to prove his worth. Neither does someone with easily verifiable credentials (published in Forbes, for example).

Fiverr does want to improve their reputation (and improving their reputation would be a good thing).


Well, someone woke up on the brutal side of bed this morning…

Just ignore Pro of you don’t like it.


Fiverr has never been this.

Fiver was ALWAYS like this.

Your opinion doesn’t make it so.

This is not my opinion. IMO Fiver is now very good, but the general opinion WAS that Fiverr is full of rip-offs and copy paste designers. There are many, many of opinions from the pas like that. Your opinion doesn’t make it different. This is our history.

Pro is a completely different type of badge to levels - you can be a Pro TRS or a Pro New Seller for example. Yes, some Pro sellers haven’t really taken to Fiverr (or Fiverr to them) but that’s the same as any seller level too. There is considerable competition even among Pro sellers and those who started well seem to have done well - especially those who were sellers here before Pro.

Since Pro began, there has been an increase in the quality of buyers on the site - not every buyer obviously but there are more small and medium sized businesses willing to pay better rates than the past. This was something I saw was going to happen (and mentioned on the forum) and so without being a Pro seller, I focused more on the types of businesses that I felt would use Pro sellers.

You don’t change a company’s reputation by slapping a black/gray badge on it. Pro was part of an overall strategy to improve the quality of services and reputation of the site. The strategy has worked, in my opinion, but other things were more important than Pro in achieving this - Packages and allowing prices to start above $5 being the main one. The overall improvement in the quality of the site itself - removing the silly unprofessional messages/texts (“Aloha”, “DISPUTE”, etc) also helps.
If Pro isn’t for you directly then that’s not an issue but you can be almost sure it has helped you in sales and that without its introduction and the other changes, your pricing wouldn’t be where it is today.


I’ve noticed this, too. And benefited from it.