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Any body guide for custom logo animation


I want to learn how to animate Logo Full Custom. I looking for someone who can guide me or teach me the basics and everything in this prosses I’ll pay for it.

Regards: aamir_com

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Well, you can look for courses online or there might be people on fiverr who are offering this type of gigs so you can just search on fiverr page for that.

As for the rest: I would advise you first to learn, polish your skills and only after that when you are sure that your skills matching a quality work start offering that service on fiverr.


I can teach you how to animate logo’s for a cheap cost.
But I would need to first know what your current skills are.
And also what programs you have available.

I’m having basics skills on Aftereffects not that much to animate a logo according to buyer need.

Ah okay. Well might I suggest some YT? :slight_smile:
Definitely brush up on your skills before diving into animation.
But if you must learn right away, definitely search for some tutorials online.

Trying searching on YT for: Animate on after effects

I did a quick search myself and found a great one called:

How to Make 5 SIMPLE Animations in AFTER EFFECTS CC

Hope this helps!