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Any body help me please customer care is not responding buyer is threatning to cancel the order


buyer is threatning to cancel the order after getting delivery of translation made by me I have got more than 30 5 star rating on fiverr and this buyer ordered me of $35 and after getting transltation done he is making excuses and threatning to cancel the order


Why are they unhappy? The best course of action will be to try and reach an agreement.


It takes CS at least 24-48 hours to respond. Try to work it out with the buyer and to be patient with CS, they will support you.


Few simple things:

1-Plz make ur description more elaborate convincing buyer for pre-gig communication

2-Get every thing agreed before execution of order.

3-If at all a buyer tries to play, simply refund or offer him some thing else to avoid cancellation. Mark the buyer to be careful in future

4-Do not worry, refunds wont effect u much but will create more space.

5-Never ever contest buyer’s view point. We r sellers, and our deeds will compel buyer to accept.

Good Luck