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Any body please tell me how can i improve my gigs


any body please tell me how can i improve my gigs.
about descriptions,tittles etc.give your suggestions


How about having a read of the answers you were given when you asked a similar question yesterday?


@gulraizgull But wait…there’s more!

on the very first gig of yours I checked -the mind blowing one- the demo video you are using is very poorly executed.

-there’s a clear audio watermark on the music track. (you couldn’t spend $20 for your main video demo?)
-the VO is so poorly executed it makes me doubt the level of quality offered. not to mention it sounds like it was recorded on a phone.
-you are using a mixture of templates with changed artwork and pre-made designs. Not sure if that matters to people who don’t know technical stuff or have seen the templates I’m referring to, but you are advertising this as original work, which is misleading.

my suggestion is to be honest about what you can do and whether or not it’s original work, and present a higher quality video as a main demo one. I would never purchase what you are selling based on your main demo.