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Any body tell me that how can i reduse my explainer video size

Any body tell me that how can i reduce my explainer video size to 2Mb.
in that way i can upload that video to my gig.

Please tell me the tool or any software through that i can do that

I’m sure I’ve used gig videos much larger than that, but to reduce file size, I use Handbrake and set the video setting to 25.

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yes i have installed the handbreake but no works i tried my video which size fifteen mb after handbreak compilation the size incread instead of reducing to 19MB

can you give me the hanbrake preset file. for reducing sizes.

I don’t use a preset - just load the video in, reduce the video to 25 - usually reduced it to about 25% of its initial size.

is there is another way to upload more than of 2MB file size to the gig gallery

I’ve never had a problem uploading much larger videos to my gallery.

so what i have to do now

I’m sorry - i don’t understand your question?

Find out how to use Handbrake, read the links Blaise gave you, and see how you get on.

Are you sure you’re not looking at the limits on the image on the gig gallery? 2Mb would seem to fit the limit for an image rather than a video.

Im using program called Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

Hey ‘gulraizgull’, are you from Gulraiz Colony?