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Any BUYER here? for me


contact me


Reply to @kjblynx: u have any problem with me. mean your own work okk i’ve noticed that in every post of mine u commented wht is your problem?? haan mean ur own work i never mean your work so who r u



Hello and welcome.

This section of the forum is called “Tips for Buyers” because it’s where you post helpful tips to other buyers.

If you want to Self Promote, there is a section of the forum called “My Fiverr Gigs”. There is where you introduce yourself and explain your gig.

You might want to consider improving your writing. “any BUYER here??? for me” is not a compelling post title. How about, "Please review my new gig and make suggestions."

On a marketing and promotion note, you might want to improve your bio profile with your experience, education and credentials.

Flooding the market with 19 new, unrelated gigs is a bad way to start. Your gigs are all over the map. It’s difficult for a buyer to grasp what you do and have confidence in you.

Some of your gig descriptions need help. Run on sentences, no paragraphs and lack of grammatical structure are not best ways to sell services.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



I am more than happy to communicate with you on the forum, but please stop messaging me through my fiverr gig.