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Any chance for some others withdraw options, like Revolut, Monese, Skrill?


It would be very nice to add withdraw options for a mobile banking like Revolut ( or Monese ( - those online banks are widely used by freelancers nomads who leave in different countries every each mont. Paypal won’t allow you to add another account if the account if from different country than the person’s nationality and Payoneer Have only big banks on the list, and of course Fiverr card is a joke, so…


I would like to see an option for direct bank transfer for all countries.


Yes, yes, generally that’s what I was thinking about. I have narrowed down the topic to the big online banking because I know many nomad designers using it. I use Monese and it’s really cool and fast (the account itself is British I think). But of course the direct payment to the private banking account would be cool. I know you can do it partially via Payoneer but they have a list of banks there only and you cannot chose the small ones, like a local ones.