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Any coupon promo at the moment?


Please, I want to buy a course, are they any ongoing coupon code promo ongoing?


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If any of us knew that, it would be because we looked it up.


I’m not going to do that. OP can you get to google to do a search on that?

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Haha, I already looked it up, but the feedback I got did not make sense to me, it seems I have to pay for a coupon.

I know Fiverr use to advertise a coupon I think its “learn” or something, can’t really remember. I am ready to buy a course, so I was just searching for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found a coupon code in less than one second for 55% off a course in May.

It didn’t cost anything.

wow, that’s great, I must be doing something wrong, please can you in any way help me with the code?