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Any criticism for my gigs? Sinking sales

Hi folks,
I’m asking for your precious advice. I had some issues with sinking impressions and views last week, due to my gig images being cropped and incorrect tags. I wrote a topic about it and help was provided!

Now all is good - almost. Many views, but there surely is a stagnation in my sales. Now and then an order flies in, but I’d like to know whether I have the ability to push the frequency a little bit.
I’ve also looked through several topics here on sinking sales, but also think that maybe I am missing something and would like to improve and work on it as best as possible.

Mind taking a look?
Here’s my profile

Thank you in advance and best regards,

I would say (DES) point 3:

I visited your financial analysis gig, and the first thing I read was “Simple financial overview for example” yet you don’t elaborate on that example. (See also (PPD) point 2.)

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