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Any decent logo designers? [ARCHIVED - Excessive Responses with Promotion]

I have tried 4 different logo designers and all of them delivered embarrassing logos, where I in a second thought it was one big prank.

I know the standards and sense of quality in North Europe is quite high, but how the heck can these companies get 98% 5 star ratings and comments about how amazing their logos are?

Can someone point me into a direction of a logo designer who actually designs a nice looking logo?


If you don’t believe me, see what the biggest logo designer company in Fiverr delivered to me: - Is this 5 star rated logo?


I would love to see what you had asked for to have this delivered!
If it is the seller that I am thinking of then I think you may need to up your budget a little.

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You are kidding me right? No matter what I request for, you never deliver a “logo” where arrows does not have the same size, and the space between the lines are different, picture rotated incorrectly, and things are out of sync.

There is a minimum baseline requirement for something to be a logo. The example I show should never be considered a logo - even if the customer is getting PAID to take the logo.

There are NO excuse to deliver such disaster and claim this to be a logo.

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Timing might be a factor, yes.

Okay then, I will give you a shot.

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Most of the top sellers have reached where they are by quantity of sales (lots of poor designs for $5). They may not necessarily be good designers. Any client who is serious about his organisation’s branding wont give them an order seeing their devastating portfolios.


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what a rubbish!

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I think you misunderstood me. I agree that what you showed us was a ridiculous excuse for a logo. I was just wondering what you had actually asked for, and how they got it so wrong!
The seller I am thinking of does just about everything for $5 but the work is really poor. I think that trying to get a good logo for $5 is really like buying a lottery ticket - there is a chance you might do well but the odds are that you will get nothing.

It’s about time someone calls out the terrible TRS art content. It’s an absolute joke. I often wonder if there exists any taste at all in the buyers of these gigs. There’s one particular TRS logo seller that blatantly rips off logos from a website and sends them to their customers.


A great logo by a top designer should cost a lot. I have found amazing designers here but it takes a lot of looking.

<<<< Made in America. Don’t settle for less.

Seriously? You are better than others because you are American?
You couldn’t talk about your actual abilities instead?

Our profile does that just fine.

This is my first time using fiverr and I am having the same issue. It just makes me want to cry.

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Who is “abdulezkam”, and why are you raving about him posting a review on your gig? is this someone we should all know? Or are you promoting a second account, hoping to get sales there as well?

I have received a lot of requests for logo design, and i always give my price and time to buyers and they sometimes says that is expensive because other sellers offer logo design for 5, i think is better to charge a fair amount to make an excellent work, because for $5 many designers make a logo within an hour and that is ridiculous, because you need to research about the company, make some sketches, think a lot the idea and spend many hours to achieve a good concept. i prefer to tell the truth because at the end the buyers that accept my price always have been 100% happy with the results.

“abdulezkam” is the person who started this thread

same experience. independently of how exact and detailed you write and communicate before you order, independently of how exact and detailed the seller know what you want and need, the result i think is more as a desaster that happens here for “only buyers” in the fiverr orbit. i’m sure i know what i do. but a lot of drafts only for trash. also most are far away from parts of designs they show on the gig pages. yes, 8 gigs are not less, but if i see only 1 seller that’s worth to go on with him, more gigs, addons, options… yes, that means i have not what they all told me before, yes, for me as a buyer it’s more as time-intensive, yes, i couldn’t say i’m happy. hope it helps fiverr, anytime.