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Any difference between auto marked as complete or buyer accept delivery?

What’s up Guys?
I am Joy. I am confused in one matter.

Recently I worked with a top level buyer. The buyer was good and very helpful. Everything was fine. I delivered the order and buyer replied some modification. I modified as requirement.

At end buyer replied Everything perfect and appreciate my work.

I replied if all ok please accept the delivery.

But buyer didn’t reply or accept after 3 days. it completed automatically (buyer was active full time).

My confusion is although work was perfect then why buyer not accept the delivery?

I have noticed the same thing from 3-4 buyer. (although they are regular)

Is there any trick or benefit not accepting order???


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Hi! Some people just don’t bother to accept. It’s annoying, but it’s life :wink: Also, usually the ones that don’t accept and simply wait for Fiverr to automatically complete the order, don’t leave reviews. It’s just how it is.


this is totally confusing. Not accept the order, no revision, no review. just noting but auto complete :zipper_mouth_face:

Look at the positive side: at least they don’t ask for revisions or ask to cancel! Better to have someone “silent” who disappears and lets it autocomplete than have someone difficult to please :slight_smile: If they disappear it’s because they liked it anyway.

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silent means yes :thinking:. but feeling bad no review after working too hard :sob:

I know, it’s really frustrating… But it’s their right not to, if they don’t want to. For example, some people don’t want others to know they ordered something (because if they left a review, your review would show on their profile). But when we do receive a really nice review, it’s such a nice feeling :slight_smile:


This may be the main reason. thanks

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