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Any Excel task at the lowest price possible

The title may be a bit questionable (why the lowest price?!), but I am a professional looking to actively build my reputation by delivering high quality work in all I do.

What you can expect: communication, reliability and quality.

If you’re interested, contact me and help me understand your needs!

Happy to say that I received and completed my first order to great success! Yay! :slight_smile:

To give some insight into what my first gig involved:

  • Performing data cleansing and manipulation of fairly unstructured data (customer orders extracted from an accounting system) into a clean and easily usable table
  • Building a user friendly front-end form with a button (using VBA macros) to easily add more orders to the data
  • Automated summary table produced from the manipulated data

This task involved a fair amount of work on my end with a one day turnaround and I think the client was quite pleased with the end result!

This is only one type of work that I’m able to complete and deliver. The scope of my work could also involve helping you with figuring out fiddly Excel formulas and helping you out!

Just wanted to mention that I’m only charging $5 for the first 10 gigs (scope has got to be reasonable - to be discussed with me!). Link to my gig: