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Any experienced person help me

Please check if my gig design, description and gig title are correct. If there is something wrong, let me know. because i am new.

My gig link…


I just Seen Your Gig. I think your gig is perfect.

Thank you so much…

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please Add FAQ. thanks


please! Check my gig

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I would suggest checking your capitalization, punctuation, and grammar!

I didn’t check your second gig link, but in the description of the first one, why do you have a bunch of % signs?

Also, never ever offer unlimited revisions! Buyers can ask for tons of revisions and you could be stuck with a never-ending order and they can contact you years later for more revisions!

That’s everything I would change! Your shirt designs look cool and good luck on Fiverr!

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It is good advice for sure, unlimited revisions is a big trap. I’m trying to offer my art service but sometimes I feel missing something in my gigs.

My profile

Thank you

you are always welcome. @lambol

I think your gig is just perfect