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Any expert here who can help me



I had changed my gig. I also applied buyer request and get one order and got one review but still i am not getting orders whats reason i am doing everything fine whats problem i applied on buyer requests that are related to me. My gig has 33 impress 15 clicks 19 views and 1 order completed. All these come from buyer side why i am not getting order please help i want to work.


Are you reaching out to the target customers who need your services? Are you working to show those customers how you can solve their problems? Are you doing anything to convince them to hire you?

We all want to work, but the key word here is “work”. As a freelancer, it is your responsibility to build you business. Delivering work to your buyers is only half of being a freelancer. The other half is working hard to connect to your potential buyers, and turn them into customers. Orders to not appear by magic. You are going to have to give the people who need what you have to offer reasons to trust you, and reasons to want to hire you.


Thats point man thank you///