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Any explanation for the odd happenings?

Wow, something very strange happened in the last 24 hours in the Spokesperson category. Every one of the Seller’s past order count history has been reduced! For instance, a Seller that was a (1k+) is now a (38). And a few of the Sellers that ALWAYS appeared in the first few lines of the first page of Best Sellers are now showing as “this page is no longer available”

At first I thought they might just be in vacation mode, but that would be the wrong message to give to their past customers looking to reorder. And to make matters worse for them they were also demoted in rank.

Does anyone have an explanation?

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It only shows reviews from orders within the past 60 days now. You have to hover the mouse over the reviews to see the total count.

A very weird choice, and I don’t know the reasoning behind it. Overall sales have been super low this summer, could be just people vacationing.

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Fiverr is trying to level the playing field for everyone. (Cough cough Pro sellers.) By starting to only show reviews from the past 60-days. This means if you take on single large orders, you will always look a bit rubbish compared to people who sell lots of cheap nasty garbage which they can fire off in deliveries without thinking.

It’s the latest ludicrously amazing idea from the dev team who’s sole mission right now is to stop at nothing until sellers have been beat down as far into the ground as possible.

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This is what doesn’t make sense to me. Most of my orders aren’t $5. A lot of them are $50-100+ custom offers. naturally they’re fewer than $5 quick jobs but they’re worth dozens of times more. So I hope the algorithm doesn’t consider just the amount of orders but also their value. Otherwise it would be a lot of lost potential revenue.

Lost revenue for you because you will be looked at like a newbie. More revenue for Pros and those who sell quick and easy things faster, because they are presented as having seniority. Best get with the program! (Which means become a Pro or become a fly by night Fiverr fraudster.) - Or try and work yourself literally to death. That would help give other sellers leverage also.


Curious how this “feature” is not applied on pro gigs. Well I guess it’s time to move on.

Yep, you got that right! Fiverr initially branded themselves as a bargain-hunters dream come true. The name itself implies the polar opposite of “Pro”. In fact, “Pro” has created a huge identity problem for the brand that has shaken the ground beneath Sellers and Buyers.


I think of it as a little like Alien.

Everything was going fine until this parasitic creature called Pro decided to cling to the face of regular sellers and cut off their air supply.

Then it fell of and died and everyone was happy for a while.

And then… Well, now even Sigourney Weaver would struggle to make sense of things .

Who would have thought that the scammery video hive and stolen logo sellers had it right all along?

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Ok, things have gotten crazier in the Spokesperson category. I think Fiverr has either been hacked or there was a HUGE technical problem with an update and they can’t restore the algorithm.

So, if I ask my returning client to order 200 of my gigs instead of one custom, you think that might help my ratings? :slight_smile:

Screenshots please! - You can’t sell newspapers round here without screenshots or memes. Not all of us see the same thing when we look at the search. What are you are seeing exactly?

He won’t be your returning client anymore when he gets charged $400 in Fiverr service fees :wink:

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I can take that expense into the equation- as an investment into the future :slight_smile: