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Any feedback manipulation or solicitation

Hi have anyone get this .
Please tell me why it’s warning I got


What did you get a warning for exactly?

Feedback solicitation is asking a buyer to leave a review. Feedback manipulation is when you ask a buyer to change the review the buyer left that you would like to be higher than the one you received.


Actually I am new on fiverr and I make gigs on it and got messages from buyer and I have conversate with them but I don’t get any order but in morning I got this warning so I could not understand what is happen

Don’t remember actually it’s says that you are flagged by this warning

There was something you wrote in the conversation with the buyer that made Fiverr give you a warning. You need to figure out what it was so you won’t get another one…


Don’t know I have submitted a request but still don’t get any reply

Did you ask the buyer to change their review. It’s a very simple question. Yes or No?

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If you want help with your profile you just need to create a new topic.

You could post a screenshot of the warning here and we could help you more. Otherwise, for a critique of your gigs start a new thread as @lloydsolutions suggested.


There has been a lot of discussion about this, I have cleared it up with my customer success manager:

You CAN ask a customer to leave feedback for your work (as this is something that everyone benefits from)

You CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT ask for POSITIVE reviews, or suggest in any way shape or form what the review should say or in which direction it should go.


“Feel free to leave your feedback / review on the order” - This is OK
“If you vere happy with my service, please leave a 5 star review!” - this is NOT OK