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Any feedback on my gig so I can get my first customers?

Hi, I am trying to start a few translation gigs but no buyers yet. I offer translation for 4 languages, which I think could be an interesting feature, but there might not be as much demand since there’re already so many experienced translators available. I would really appreciate it if I could get any feedback on how I could improve my page?

Thank you!

Hello sarah_lepel

I have one question, Are you sure you are best translator of 4 languages? i think if you want to get trust of buyer you must choose one of your best language for translation and provide best results, than i think you will get orders.

Yes, that’s true. But I guess that’s why I only chose one target language, which is Portuguese. Also because there are many other already successful Port > Eng translators out there, so I thought I could try to offer other languages as well… Do you think it’s better just to stick with one even if there’s already a lot of competition?

But I think I will follow your advice and create another gig just offering Eng > Portuguese translation. Perhaps that one might take off, thank you!

You are welcome, Best of luck