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Any fellow Sellers know why my account is "bricked"? (i.e. help!)... [Resolved]

As a heads-up, I’ve already contacted CS about this. But in the meantime, thought I’d reach out to see if anyone in the community has experienced the following issue.

In the process of delivering an order to a Buyer tonight, I received the following warning: “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly,” along with the orange bar at the top of the screen. Despite multiple attempts to “Deliver,” I kept getting this message, only to find that my order was still listed in the queue as undelivered. Odd.

NOW, when I go to my inbox and try to click on ANY message of mine to open, I’m unable to and instead receive the following warning:

"Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue."

I haven’t initiated a message to anyone in quite some since I’ve been so busy here lately - and the only thing I can think of is a disgruntled buyer who “reported” me when I refused to help him plagiarize by writing an assignment for his class.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m stressing out because I have a bunch of orders due tonight, and have no way of telling my Buyers what’s going on…


Reply to @madmoo: Ang, thanks so much for your reply, and for your offer - that would be INCREDIBLE of you!

I have three large orders due tonight - and yes, all totally ready to send off.

Good show…Glad Madmoo did her magic.

Reply to @madmoo: To make matters worse, the Fiverr folks recently asked to post an article about me on their blog.

Since their copywriter and staff has had my info and photos for the past week or so, I keep checking the Fiverr Blog each day to see if it’s posted … and Murphy’s Law being what it is, I can just imagine the article going Live right when my profile is totally un-usable !

Reply to @madmoo: Oops! Our replies crossed. I sent the one about the Fiverr Blog article just before seeing you had posted this.

I unfortunately can’t send you a message (just tried), but I did submit a ticket number - it’s #(removed)

Thank you SO much!

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you so much! I saw your message but can’t actually open it to read (even tried being crafty with the iPhone app).

Will keep my fingers crossed and will keep you posted!

Ang - just sent you a test message. Thank you SO, SO much. So incredibly kind to help a fellow Seller like this.

Hope you have a wonderful night. Thank you again!


besides madmoo’s help, may I suggest another option. Contact Fiverr on Facebook. In the past when there was an emergency, they responded that night and got CS to look into it immediately. Draft your message in text file and copy and paste it in facebook. Wording of the message is going to be critical so copy and paste is the way to go.

Good Luck

Reply to @steveeyes: thanks! All squared away thanks to madmoo. Hopefully this will never happen again, but if it does I’ll use your facebook tip!