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Any geeks/nerds around? o.o;

Hiya! I haven’t noticed many geeks/nerds around that seem to be similar to me… (Like into many different aspects of nerdom, such as: Anime, Video Games, Web Design, MMOS, Computers in general, etc.)

Everyone seems to kinda just… do their own thing, and not mention much more.

So… any nerds out there? pokes head around :3

Reply to @itsamellama: Yup! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Black ops 2 FTW! Im also a web designer :slight_smile:

Oh wow, really? :slight_smile:

This thread makes me wanna watch the Samurai X series again :slight_smile:

:::Seeing there are others like me, crawls out of the shadows:::

Nerd, well really a geek here (One Creative Geek)! I am in general a computer geek or as my family calls me a “if it plugs in or turns on, ask Jeremy 1,000 questions about it”. My life is filled with the joy of two young children, so I do get to geek out to playing legos and pushing cars around and just acting like a fool again. I don’t have the time for video games much anymore though when I do its a good NES Emulator and some old classics (or just something on my phone). I am mostly a geek though as I love comics ::echo, echo, echo:: Doesn’t matter the story, love a good comic book! The Walking Dead anyone…yes, it actually was a comic book first and a really good one. No one?!?

:::runs back to the shadows:::

Awesome! Great to see you guys here. I’m 24, and still mostly into my stuff ^^;

I do admit, it’s harder and harder to get into things nowadays than when I was younger :confused:

(May possibly be due to living with my parents it worked as a good escape, and now that I’m out… I have already escaped! lol!)

Here’s some of my favs.

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,13, Pokemon, Carcassone, Black Ops (Not sure why, i dont like FPS, lol), Graffiti Kingdom, Mario Party, Warioware, Zelda 1,2, ALTTP, OoT, MM, Minish Cap, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, DDR, Karaoke Revolution, and my 2 top favorites… Earthbound for SNES, and Crystalis for NES <3

MMOs: Trickster Online, Luna Online, Phantasy Star Online/Universe

Anime: Chobits, Love Hina, Sailor Moon, Card captor Sakura, Rumbling Hearts, Tenchi Muyo, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen <3, Clannad <3, Elfen Leid

What bigbadbilly said. I may have grown out of child status, but my inner geeky child is still well alive and kicking and hurling arguments over the Zelda timelines, watching subbed anime, and critiquing video games.

Kenshin is sold as samurai X in the USA too :o

Reply to @magisworks: I take it you’re Pinoy, because we must be some of the only people on earth who refer to Rurouni Kenshin as Samurai X and HOLY CRAP ANOTHER FAN OF GRANDER MUSASHI YESSSSSS. o/

Yeah … as you can see my user name “designerd” i am a designer as well as nerd. :)>-

Not nearly as active in geekiness as I was in my teens (mostly since I can’t afford it anymore, haha, no wonder I’m here :P) but still a geek at heart. :smiley: I just saw the Rurouni Kenshin during its premiere night here. <3 Nostalgia bliss.

Sure. Lots.

Some of us are old school nerds though, so we’ve changed from Nerds to Nerdults. Which basically means we’re just nerds that hide it better. :slight_smile:

Maybe :wink:

I’m @TheFacebookGeek … the name speaks for itself :-B

I used to watch anime like GTO, Dragonball, Samurai X, Ranma 1/2, Grander Musashi and lots others. I’m not really into games but my favorites would be Civilization, Warcraft and SimCity.

I think everyone is a geek at heart because there will always be something that we are passionate about, something that makes us “geek-out” when it comes up in conversations.

I was a manga fan in the past, i loved GTO and Love hina!!

Actually, i love playing at Final fantasy and Tales of symphonia!

I’m also a graphic designer!

Im not a kenshin fan, but i’ve seen the DVDs for sale, since i always venture over to that section, lol

oldbittygrandma said: ...or about this... I was on the internet in the mid 1980's...does that rank??

oh I thot the web only start spinning in 1993?

yeah I guess so…

I started to use the net only in 1994… mostly on IRC :D/

I terribly miss acrophobia and multiplayer battletech… also been wanting to finish that game of Myst and Riven I started with my mom back in the 90’s (mama mia) @caiterz does that count? :wink:

p.s. I want lasik cuz i’m sick of buying contacts & glasses… #proudGeek